Bloomberg Scheme

On The Hayride

Feisty “Southern Politics & Culture” website The Hayride makes the connections between donor-financed government and the recent, reckless political gambit of cutting off new LNG exports. With a teaser about more to come, on the dismount.

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MORE Privately-funded ‘Staff’, FOIA’d DOCS REVEAL: Bloomberg Moves Beyond Attorneys General — Louisiana PSC Case Study

Bloomberg Moves Beyond Attorneys General, to Staffing Regulatory Agencies Billionaire climate activist, who pledged hundreds of millions of dollars to end fossil fuels, is financing “staff” activists placed in State public utility regulatory commissions as he finances campaign behind LNG export terminal ‘pause’ Blackout risk accelerates as “Renewables” agenda advances A recent Wall Street Journal editorial, “New York’s Near Zombie…

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Climate FOIA: Public Wins, Court Orders Virginia AG Office to Comply with the Law Re Bloomberg Docs

2018 lawsuit, which already revealed previously-denied memo, other emails, takes major step forward RICHMOND, VA (April 20, 2022) — Virginia citizen Christopher Horner and the free-market public policy group Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) prevailed yet again yesterday in their lawsuit against Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares under Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act. The suit was filed in the Circuit Court for…

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