Zuckerbucks, no! But Bloombergbucks…ok?

GAO is encouraged to see Wisconsonites rejecting the use of billionaire bucks run through their charities to finance the operations of at least one aspect of governance, the administration of elections.


But, why oh why is this now agreed to be a bad thing for the integrity of administering the electoral process but acceptable for administering, say, the justice system? Wisconsin has for several years brought in “force multipliers” (the project wisely dropped that boast) from a progressive activist group called the Public Rights Project. Now it is trying to bring in attorneys into its DoJ financed by Michael Bloomberg to advance Bloomberg’s priorities.

The practice is so odious that the Virginia legislature twice voted to ban it, on a bipartisan basis. Rather than show others the way, that act has been swept aside as Bloomberg now moves into putting progressive activists into state public service commissions, responsible for grid reliability! (Beginning in Louisiana, then Michigan, coming soon to a PSC/PUC near you).

Meanwhile, the United Nations Foundation is paying some states over a million dollars a year to hire environmental activists in executive agencies, even a cabinet secretary (New Mexico). States eating with both hands include, you guessed it, Wisconsin. Purposes listed include “UN Strengthening.” Mkay.


Good on you, Cheeseheads, for taking action to toss out this bad apple. Now, what about the rest of the states…and the rest of the billionaire programs to Occupy Government?

UDPATE: Docs from the Department of Administration are here.

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