This is the Basis for Weaponizing Law Enforcement

A summary at The Pipeline of what’s behind this norm-busting use of state attorneys general offices.

After reminding us of the folly, the piece continues:

All of which is to say, there may be a reason to do away with separation of powers, and to abandon our economic liberties. There may be a reason to allow privately hired “special assistant attorneys general,” and for state AGs to investigate political opponents at the request of the plaintiff’s tort bar.

“Climate,” however, isn’t that reason. We have vastly more to fear from climate policy than we do from climate change.

Among the two, only one is inevitable. Of course, as a Chinese proverb goes, when there is food on the table there are many problems; when there is no food on the table, there is but one. With lots of food on Americans’ tables, it does seem likely that some voters will become open once again to policies in the name of “climate.”

The demands are already here. Campaign season is about to go full-on nuts. Orgiastic media coverage awaits when Earth Day turns 50 in April. Then withdrawal from the Paris climate treaty looms (it is a treaty, and the rule of law [and] respect for institutions demands we consummate our withdrawal or the Senate can kiss its Article II, Sec. 2 treaty role goodbye).

Bitterly cling to the facts above in the coming months. A lot is at stake.

Read the whole thing here.

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