Rockefeller Mansion Notes: Dem Energy Poohbahhs think Ernie Moniz Has Been a Bad Boy

From RCE:

The notes indicate that former Obama Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz is not being helpful, saying mildly favorable things about natural gas: “Ernie Moniz saying gas is a bridge fuel.”

Meaning, gas as a replacement for coal while renewable energy continues its struggle to become reliable and economic. Climate activist politicians attempt this straddle with some regularity. But it simply is not acceptable to many environmentalists.

Ms. Frisch’s notes attribute the diagnosis of how this apostasy came about to California Air Resources Board Chair, and former Obama EPA official, Mary Nichols: “Moniz has not been well-managed.”

Hat-tip, Kate Gordon, Director of California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, and Mary Nichols, Chair of California’s Air Resources Board.



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