Notes From Meeting at Rockefeller Mansion Shed Light on Climate Politics: Confessions about Job-Killing “Climate” Agenda

GAO Board Member Chris Horner has a piece in Real Clear Energy unveiling the findings of a series of Energy Policy Advocates’ public records requests.

GAO will post some of the eye-openers. In order:

The handwritten notes, taken by Carla Frisch of RBF-beneficiary and meeting sherpa Rocky Mountain Institute, are particularly clarifying.

The Chief Policy Advisor to New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, is credited with joining Massachusetts’ Secretary of Energy & Environmental Affairs in complaining that “enviros want moratorium on fossil infrastructure,” but this causes problems with labor, because the coach in reality is “gas + jobs vs. no jobs + climate” (agenda).

Proponents of the “Green New Deal” and otherwise the “climate” agenda must explain away this confession of net economic pain and job loss (which “substantial job losses,” related records show, they also privately admit to).

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