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  1. JeffR
    April 10, 2021 @ 4:01 PM

    As long as no one challenges the poor quality of agency scientific assessments by NOAA, NASA, NAS and EPA, we will be victims to this kind of abuse. OMB laid out requirements for scientific work and reporting, particularly on issues that have significant economic impact. PEER Review process, a quality control practice that is subjective and easily abused, still forms the basis of most scientific work produced, or promoted, by these agencies. OMB points to the potential for abuse on PEER Reviews and requires the process be managed to apply a more objective process. These agencies do not comply with those requirements.

    As the Climate Gate actions outline, the IPCC routinely manipulates the PEER Review process on developing their reports. If OMB requirements were applied, no US agency would be able to reference the highly politicized reports. But they do.

    Someone needs to put together science based challenges to stop these agencies from their abuse. Courts have an obligation to prioritize science produced by government agencies. There needs to be an effort to challenge it as it is presented, not when it is used in courts to justify unnecessary and costly regulations.


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