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  1. Larry
    June 22, 2022 @ 2:14 PM

    Just what every American should already know, the United States is run by American Oligarchs. Everything I strongly believed in, FBI, DOJ, CIA, the media, education system, are politically compromised. The powers that be didn’t have to steal the election, Zuckerbucks bought it for 400 million in the right places and groups. He got his Christmas turkey early November for a bargain. The country is going down the tube and only a handful of good people are trying to stop it. Police enforcement is minimal as if they try doing their job they are denounced, de funded and may be prosecuted, sued, lose everything, and imprisoned. People are walking out of stores with stolen goods and no one is even stopping them. As a result of the uninhibited rioting with calls by government officials for non interference, citizens have purchased firearms and ammunition in record numbers, people who previously never considered owning them. And now the same officials are calling for gun control? Measures that will do little for real school safety?
    The only thing that has kept this country safe and free has been it’s economic might and the United States Constitution. When either of those those fail we will be in the fourth world category. I currently have no confidence in the majority of those who are in charge of protecting it.


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