Political Frenemies: Rockefeller Mansion Meeting Exposes Trouble in Paradise

From Real Clear Energy:

One state official from the Mountain West voiced the obvious concern among his team “to be careful about keeping” members of his political party [“Ds”] in office.

That is not always easy given friends like theirs. According to New Mexico’s [Energy Secretary Sarah Cottrell] Propst, the climate activist officials’ green group NGO allies — called NGOs, for non-governmental organizations — are “having [a] hard time pivoting from enemy approach to friend approach.”

Steyer’s delegate’s typed notes characterize the sentiment slightly differently: “NGOS have a hard time pivoting from enemy admin to friendly admin.”

Other notes indicate concern about how these groups are spending their billion-plus a year. California’s officials had the most to say, and they aren’t pleased (with the exception of the work of something called Fresh Energy, which has an enormous staff (27) that’s even bigger than its massive board (18)):

And the Rockefeller Brothers Fund head worries about the disconnect between donor-pets’ priorities and those of the politicians they love:

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