Michigan Government: Stacked Top to Bottom with Donor-provided Climate Activist “Staff”

With Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel filing the “climate” lawsuit that campaign supporter Michigan LCV had lobbied her to file against energy companies, and the UM law school faculty putting the shoulder to the wheel as well, GAO recalls the recently unearthed record of just how occupied Michigan’s government is with donor-financed “climate staff”.

First, recall Nessel’s embrace of taking in an activist lawyer provided by Michael Bloomberg to file this suit, just as Bloomberg-provided lawyers have filed numerous others for AGs from New York to Oregon:

And Michigan’s Public Service Commission asking for Bloomberg-provided “staff”, brokered by a renewable energy trade association “founded and funded” by Tom Steyer to push his agenda:


A Whitmer administration official hinted that Bloomberg’s group maybe might sprinkle a few more elsewhere:

To join the rest throughout the Whitmer administration, provided by “US Climate Alliance” (Hewlett Foundation, United Nations Foundation)(including the PSC Chair’s spouse):

It gets confusing which donor groups are to underwrite what state climate activism:

Asking them for three more each from USCA and the Rockefeller joint “Invest in Our Future”:

And, to top it off (so far as the public so far knows), telling Energy Foundation, come “invest in Michigan” government, with more bespoke climate “staff”:


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