Meet the New Green Blob

Old Westerns remind us what happens when it comes time to split up the loot

Recent coverage of “environmental justice” money being thrown around (a billion here and a billion there, pretty soon…)


reminded GAO of some transition-era emails — including from a recent Biden White House promotion (and, speaking of hijacking agendas and authorities) — suggesting that this funding spigot/machine has even displaced the green establishment in terms of priorities. The same way “climate” consumed traditional (and of course any actual) environmentalism because money, the EJ industry is displacing old-line greens.

Mary of course is Democrat Godmother of the Green Bureaucracy Mary Nichols. Keeping with the theme of just how fast things change when there’s this much cash and power at stake, Ms. Nichols is more recently famous for explaining, at the Rockefeller family mansion, natch, that that other Dem luminary Ernest Moniz had “not been well-managed”, having failed to keep current with updates to the liturgy and claiming that natural gas still is acceptable as a “bridge fuel” to the elusive wind- and solar-powered nirvana.

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