“Just Transition”: Hiding the Climate-Agenda Confession of “Substantial Job Losses” in Plain Sight

Someone’s focus coetus is showing. Right on time with the European Union’s agonizing over how many billions to spend in a “Just Transition Fund” to help balm the self-harm of the job-killing “green deal”, we see U.S. climate activists deploying the same euphemism  for equivalent harms here.


What does “Just Transition” means among friends? “Substantial job losses from the movement towards a cleaner economy”.


h/t Energy Policy Advocates for the records of a “US Climate Alliance” planning session.

Remember this the next time advocates for “substantial job losses”, erm, “movement towards a cleaner economy” denies that.

Have no fears. Money is no object to this crowd, who once warned “before you gasp” about a budget proposal, and that was just for off-books private funding of “climate” staff and consultants for governors (the ask was $50 million for the current period).

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