GAO Files Suit Against NY OAG Over Withheld ‘Patient Zero’ Climate Litigation Emails

As noted here, New York Office of the Attorney General fired the first shots in a national campaign of lawfare designed to coerce defendants “to the table” in support of unpopular national ‘climate’ (i.e., energy-constraint) policy. As also revealed, in so doing the Office’s attorneys abandoned their own well-founded misgivings, ultimately agreeing to push a pre-packaged “subpoena suggestion” pitched to them by outside activists.

That ended in a “debacle” for the schemers. Big time.

Nonetheless, the campaign they launched continues to roam the countryside, with much more remaining to be learned about this remarkable enlistment of law enforcement by political, ideological and for-profit interests.

As also noted here, the NY OAG is not above hiding embarrassing information with no legal basis, leaving judicial review the only recourse.

Today, Government Accountability & Oversight filed suit against NY OAG under that state’s Freedom of Information Law (FOIL). The action seeks the rest of the records which round out the Office’s role in this campaign of using law enforcement to pursue political opponents and objectives, as revealed in several original if often heavily redacted productions and detailed in this late November amicus brief in the Southern District of New York.

The climate litigation industry continues to chug along, no doubt with several more lawsuits planed for the next ten months with strategic political objectives in mind. With several transparency-seeking matters pending around the country and on the heels of remarkable discoveries already in hand, the question GAO sees is, how fast will the ugly facts continue to catch up with this campaign?

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