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  1. the angler
    December 13, 2021 @ 1:52 PM

    WITH all of this INFORMATION coming to the forefront why is FACEBOOK and possibly TWEETER not losing their CONGRESSIONAL PROTECTION?
    This is EDITING not CENSORING for misinformation which should change their STATUS TO PUBLISHERS not SOCIAL MEDIA, IF I understood what the definition was concerning PUBLISHING and SOCIAL MEDIA!
    SO where are all of the LAWSUITS, they should be pouring in one on top of the other.
    In my opinion these companies should be FINED as well for LYING TO THE PUBLIC and HIDDING behind a LAW THEY DEFIED over and over again! They should also be broken up into small companies to PREVENT THIS TYPE OF MONOPOLY AGAIN!
    Oh, one more thing OPINIONS are NOT TRUTHS they are BIAS of IDEOLOGIES!


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