CLIMATE LITIGATION BOMBSHELL: New Paper Exposes AG “Climate” Suit as Illicit Product of Private Lobbying, Misrepresentation, Paid ‘Cutouts’

Today the public interest law firm Government Accountability & Oversight, P.C., published a paper on behalf of its client the government-transparency group Energy Policy Advocates, titled “Private Funders, Public Institutions: ‘Climate’ Litigation and a Crisis of Integrity”.

Minnesota’s “climate” lawsuit and its replica filed the next day in Washington, D.C., like all of these suits, represent transparent attempts to manufacture state jurisdiction for a litigation campaign that, its proponents previously admitted, is national, belongs in federal courts, and seeks to substitute verdicts for Congress’s refusal to adopt their desired policy agenda.

The paper reveals, for the first time, damning details confirming who is actually conducting this purportedly governmental litigation campaign and how they are doing it, as described in the parties’ own hand.

This paper, and yesterday’s Supreme Court opinion in BP p.l.c. et al. v Mayor & City Council of Baltimore, serve as bookend reminders of the importance of this jurisdictional issue in the wave of “climate” litigation washing over state courthouses around the country, and the impropriety of their proceeding in local courts.

Read the paper here.

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