More SEC “Climate Risk” Machinations

GAO has filed a motion in one of it’s federal FOIA cases styled as GAO v SEC (23-3268), in which it points out various findings about that “independent Commission’s” ideological advocacy as part of the Biden administration’s “whole of government” approach to imposing a never-enacted “climate” agenda. Items noted include: Background relating to the FOIA request that was at issue…

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More Disclosure About “Climate Risk Disclosure”

FOIA Litigation reveals eye-opening breadth and depth of climate activist involvement with Biden Administration Coordination extends beyond SEC, to White House, EPA, others Energy Policy Advocates has obtained 501 pages from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) litigation over records pertaining to the involvement of a “climate” rent-seeker, Persefoni, and its partners Ceres and…

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“ESG Check in”: More details on the Securities & Exchange Commission’s Activist Role in the “Whole of Government” Push on ESG, “Climate Risk Disclosure”

The indispensable transparency-in-government group Energy Policy Advocates has provided GAO a review of record productions from FOIA litigation with the Securities & Exchange Commission, including specifically from calendars of Chairman Gary Gensler and then-Commissioner Allison Herren Lee. Between the near-obsession with advancing the “ESG” and “Climate Risk Disclosure” agenda which these reveal, and emerging information about an apparent revolving door…

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