Biden EPA Appointee Under Ethics Scrutiny (for the least of his transgressions)

Readers may recall this failure to disclose by EPA air office nominee Joseph Goffman, architect of the overturned Obama-Biden Clean Power Plan who is back at it now in the Biden administration — despite the record suggesting his own actions and disregard for the law are such that he should be nowhere near any such authority, or even in the building.

EPA under “Law Whisperer” Goffman has operated as an egregious scofflaw following its slap down by the U.S. Supreme Court in West Virginia v. EPA, proceeding with Goffman’s planned and now inarguably impermissible “backdoor” or “law whispering” strategy — imposing the climate agenda in the absence of any such grant of congressional grant of authority via a “suite of rules” intended to cause regulated parties to rethink their resistance.

E&E News reports Goffman is now under scrutiny for other possible lapses.

GAO humbly submits the allegation at issue there pales in comparison to that already reported on but, to date, left to sit without attention.

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