Bicoastal Climate Elites: Rumored Biden EPA Pick Got a 2nd Home Because of…Climate Week

The Washington Post ran an item, “Perspective: Biden is building a team that looks like the people it serves”. Author Steven Miller pithily replied, “Undeniably true headline but certainly not the way they intended it.”

Exhibit A: Mary Nichols — the head of California’s Air Resources Board and rumored top-three pick for a Biden EPA Administrator — apparently was moved to get a second place of her own across the country in New York after attending Climate Week in the Big Apple. Upper West Side, stone’s throw from the Park. Nice!

Very cool indeed. For me, if not for all of thee yahoos, mind. One just can’t miss Climate Week. Or stay in some grubby Four Seasons. Expect nothing less from (Green) Royalty.

Go Bi-Coastal…for the climate! Now sit still for your next four-year lecture on the need for state-imposed privation because climate change.

Hat-tip Energy Policy Advocates.

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